Student Information

There are about 2,500 students currently studying in Darul-uloom Arabiyyah Islamiyyah.

Since its inception in 1969, students have graduated from the institute and continue to render invaluable service to their respective communities around the world.

Free Education

In line with the ethos of our pious predecessors, Darul Uloom provides free education to most of its students, who come from impoverished backgrounds.

It also ensures poor and needy students are provided free food, clothes and financial assistance.

In addition, all students irrespective of means are provided free text books and accommodation.


Like other Islamic institutes, Darul Uloom’s timetable is divided into two parts.

The first part consists of four hours in the morning and the second of two hours in the afternoon. Lesson duration is approximately 45 minutes each. Timings are changed to reflect the summer and winter seasons.

After the admissions process is completed in early Shawwal, the academic year begins around 15th of Shawwal and continues until the end of Rajab. Annual examinations are held in the month of Sha’ban and last for a week. Annual holidays commence about 15th Sha’ban until the early part of Shawaal. Every Friday is a holiday and Darul Uloom is closed.

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