About Us

Establishment of Darul Uloom

Darul Uloom Arabiyyah Islamiyyah, also known as Darululoom Kantharia, is a renowned institute in Gujarat, India. It was established with generous donations and land gifted by people in the village of Kantharia.

The founding principal was Hazrat Moulana Adam Manubari Saheb (Rahmatullahi Alayh), who strived selflessly and sacrificed himself for the establishment and success of the Darul Uloom. Foremost scholars, such as Shaikh-ul-Islam Moulana Hussain Ahmad Madani Saheb (Rahmatullahi Alay) have supplicated at the site of the institute and construction work began earnestly on 15th December 1966 and was completed on 29th March 1969. The opening of Darul Uoom was commemorated by Hazrat Qari Muhammad Tayyab Saheb (Rahmatullahi Alayh).

After Hazrat Moulana Adam Manubari Saheb’s demise in 1977, his brother Hazrat Moulana Ismail Manubari (Rahmatullahi Alayh) became the principal. He, too, dedicated himself diligently and whole-heartedly until he passed away in 2014. Currently, the institute is run by Hazrat’s family. May Allah grant Tawfiq and accept all their services.



Since its inception, Darul Uloom has provided a unique educational and pastoral service to the Muslim Ummah. The principal aim of Darul Uloom is to instil respect, tolerance and understanding and create an environment where learning can flourish.

It is also aims to provide an understanding of the Holy Qur’an and Ahadeeth to young Muslims and guide them in developing a positive moral character; thus enabling them to be exemplary members of their community.

We aim to motivate and imbue confidence in our students’ abilities and strengths. We aim to contribute towards nurturing their ambition, openness and community spirit to mould them to be the inclusive leaders of tomorrow!

Most of our students come from very poor rural areas of the Indian Subcontinent. However, they are able to leave the institute with a rich wealth of education and life-skills, in order to gain a livelihood after their studies.

Courses Offered

Alim Course

The ‘Alim’ course aims to educate the students in as many subjects as possible, especially the principles of Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence.

Many different subjects are taught in order to make the student well-equipped in various areas of Islamic teaching, hence creating future leaders, who have a very strong knowledge of their religion, beliefs and way of life.

The ‘Alim’ course is designed to prepare the learners of today who can serve the community to the best of their ability.


Hifdh-ul-Quran is the memorising of the Holy Quran. We at Darul Uloom have many experienced teachers to maintain the high standards that we expect. Typically, students who progress onto the Hifdh course complete the memorisation of the Holy Quran in 3 years.

Darul Uloom has a unique structure in the Hifdh course as it promotes excellence, high standards and a healthy competition between students.

Post-Graduation Studies

We also offer various opportunities in advanced Islamic studies, following the successful completion of our Alim Course. Some of these opportunities include Iftaa’ (Specialisation in Islamic Jurisprudence), Darul-Hadith (Specialisation in the Science of Prophetic Narrations known as ‘Hadith’) and finally, Specialisation in Tajweed.

Skills for Life

We also provide certain vocational or educational courses that are focused on assisting lesser-privileged students towards building life-skills, thereby assisting with specific career-paths or enabling them to seek avenues of livelihood after graduation. Some of these courses are:

English Classes – These run concurrently with the initial stages of the Alim and allow students to acquire important communication skills in English.

Sewing Classes – This is a vital skill taught to our students and proves extremely useful once they return home after graduation. It enables the student to explore ventures, such as sewing clothes to make a living as a qualified tailor.

Basic IT Skills – This is again a vital skill to add to the students’ skillset. The use of technology is not only important in today’s technological world but integral in most careers.

Calligraphy – We also offer our students the opportunity to engage in the extremely talented field of Calligraphy, whereby students who have little to no writing experience are assisted to transform their skills into that of somewhat professional calligraphists. Thus, adding this to their skillset to take with them, upon the completion of their studies.